Value of Media

I never really took much time to think about the media, despite the fact that they are essential to us. When we read an article or watch the news, we’re accepting whatever information they deliver most of the time.

We don’t resist too much or question whether they hold their standpoints. We often spend time reading the news or watching TV during our brain leisure mode, instead of studying actively by a bunch of proactive thinking.

Recently I talk to my teachers about media and start to relate the media to the country where they come from. Belgium, as a buffer country, is of a made-up country name. The Belgian press, therefore, has not much interest in appealing every Belgian for the compassion. Instead, they provide facts about what is happening surrounding them and out of the country. BBC from Britain also seems to remains to be a political outsider, according to one of my teachers. I cannot deny it as I haven’t seen any manipulations from politics.

On the other hand, my other teacher Kris is a Belgian journalist working for VRT, based in South East Asia. From his report on Cambodia, the local media couldn’t stand any independent point of view under the central government’s control.

Although I have a reserved opinion about democracy, I do think it their media has provided free air to media for their voice. At least in some of the democratic countries I know, not including America media.

Now when I think about the situation in China, I can only associate it with Cambodia, except that our media has immersive coverage but heavily biased.

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