Two things I noticed about my dad and I think it’s horrible.

I want to be honest about my family business. Although a Chinese proverb says: Do not uncover the ugly side of the family, I don’t think it’s villainous but just shame. It’s worth thinking about and maybe eventually react to it. These are the two things I noticed about my dad and I think it’s horrible.

Fish Skin

I don’t eat Northern snakehead skins, it’s usually thicker than carps, and its slippery jelly texture just doesn’t fit between my teeth. My dad saw me remove the skin and he probably thought it was not healthy because he started to remove the fish skin too at the next meal. He murmured: “the fish skin contains too much purine, right?” I answered: “Hmm, I don’t know, I just don’t like the taste, but it contains a lot of collagen.” Immediately, he picked up the fish skin that he already threw out of the bowl and ate it.


My dad’s phone cracked. He went to the repairing shop, and they told him that the battery was deformed and made the screen pop out of the surface. I reminded him: ” Maybe don’t charge this phone anymore near you, in case the battery explodes. ” He probably thought it was fair. Later in the evening, he was talking to my mother, and I was not sure what they talked about, but I heard him shouting: ” How can you not care about me? The battery might explode! “

It’s good that my dad takes my advice. But I suddenly feel like myself the only brain in the room when I talk to him, among many other occasions. I ask myself: Why didn’t he have his own idea? Why he follows my opinion immediately? Why didn’t he think twice?

Sad, isn’t it?

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