Profit is not profit

I’m currently reading <Smarter Investing – Simpler Decisions for Better results>, which was recommended by a senior in business school. Actually I have already “read” it the same time last year, where I got a free e-book online with a very version of poor translation. It ended of course by not finishing the book, at some point I wished I never had wasted time looking for this poor quality. When I finally found the real book in paper in a shop again, passing through cashier was not a hesitation.

Now I’m in the 4th chapter out of 15, where I have to take some notes, or the reading-value would fade with years pass on, experience says.

Expected surprise – truth are always hidden in simplicity. I was so astonished by myself not realising earlier how an annual profit of positive figures could be a loss, of course,  when market is growing faster than your profit is! So it would not be harder anymore either to understand the one who loses the least wins. So, on the contrary of the concept of self-developing or personality building, investing is holy soaked in comparison, your loss is others’ profit and vice versa. That comes also quite often to me to stop reading this book, in which I find many investing philosophies have nothing to do, or sometimes even conflictual to those wisdom sayings of good personal qualities building and those of hedonism. Investing, more generally speaking, including time, energy, spiritual resources, human capital or money… are all limited! If you want to invest more in self-developing, it will to conflictual to money-investing. After all, it comes back to the question of: what’s your life goal? Knowing that everyone’s resources are really poor compared to what we need ourselves to be…

To be, or not to be!

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