Observation on Happiness

Yesterday I read an article about happiness from Darius Foroux . I start to define happiness that comes to me from my personal observation.

Greatly agreed with Darius, the happiness brought itself up when I do things that matter, that impact on my life. It’s not by simply consuming, but an outcome of being useful: helping each other.

Recently I’ve signed up Patreon and start to sponsor my favorite online Yoga tutor Erin Sampson. After one year’s practising Yoga following her Youtube channel on a regular/daily basis, I e-meet her almost every day without her knowing me. My personal favorite daily session is the Power Hour and I also like many other of her videos, such as deep stretch, creative vinyasa, reset & recharge.  I’ve been benefiting from her videos enormously, so I thought this sponsorship is straight and undoubtfully worthwhile.

This great feeling subtly enhanced when she sent me a personal message this morning.  She told me that I could connect Youtube account to Patreon, so she would know that I’m not just a subscriber whenever commenting on her Youtube videos. She also showed her gratefulness, of course.

After reading the message, I was quite touched by the fact that we’re somehow connected while physically being in two far-apart countries. She’s in Costa Rica while I’m in Shanghai. But this interaction connect us more closely, overpassing me, simply a Youtube viewer, and her being a Youtube channel teacher.

Being happy could be way much easier than this, yet engaging with common interest just has made it much more meaningful.

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