Less Waste on a Trip

Trips are meant to be wasted: enjoy loads of food, spend money more than usual and travel with plastic supplies everywhere. It seems to be unreasonable to save ourselves in the trip lust. And yet we are trying to be conscient of ourselves and care about what we value for the environment, during this trip to Beijing in CNY.

Eat well before leaving

The first fight on the trip is always on all kinds of transport. It’s not in the 90th, of course, there’re prepared hot dishes on the train, just like in the plane. However, we could avoid the mummy wrapped food, which totally destroyed half of the most outstanding nature for the appetite: the look.

The shape of the boxes are not any close to “zero waste”, it almost makes throwing them away into the small litter bin hole impossible. If you start your belly hungry and cannot resist this most fresh offer on the train, then this fight against waste is over from the start.

Bring our own mugs

Bottled water is the most convenient way to quench our trip thirst. It would be a lot of waste on the plastic bottles, despite the fact I love tapping on plastic bottles with my solid legs. That torturous plastic squeezing sound is just fun and relaxing. But remember, there’s free water supply on the train and planes!

It’s simple to bring two bottles: one sports bottle to hold cold water and one foldable mug in case we wanna order a takeaway coffee or tea. The foldable mug is also a good substitution of a plastic cup when you want to quench your mouth or brush your teeth, during our daily routine.

Trash bins in Beijing

Quite similar to Shanghai, trash bins offer two options in most public places: recyclable and unrecyclable. Unrecyclable trashes are going to be landfilled, while recyclable trashes are hopefully be collected and go to the right place. We could see these two options in the metro, in the most popular attractions, even on the great wall, except that there’s no English on there.

We found more refined options in the Olympic park, where batteries bin and ashtrays are added on top of the two basic options.

Say no in the hotel

As we stayed in an decent hotel, we get a lot of “premium offers”. Not only the nice tea pot set in the room, but also paper filter coffee and all kinds of disposable supplies: toothbrushes, combs, cotton swabs, cream in small packs, overpacked tea etc.

It’s nice to enjoy all these perks, but most of them we don’t need them. Bring toothbrushes and cream with me was not a big deal. Although, it’s hard to resist the real coffee and tea!

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