About me

Hi! I’m Chengye.

My Chinese name Chengye is pronounced as follows:

  • CH as in China,
  • ENG as it is (I’d say like “un” in French)
  • YE as in Yeah!

So if you call me “Chinayeah”, I won’t complain at all.

I’m living in Shanghai, a dynamic, generous and cross-cultural city. Born in Fengjing, a water-town of Shanghai. The terroir and water here have shaped my calm but passionate personalities in my first 15 years. I’ve been living in the city since my teenage, where renovations and fast-speed changes dominated my life. After studying several years of French, I went to France and continued my study in business management in my second home town, Reims,  for 3 years — from 2009 to 2012.

Returning in Shanghai in the beginning of 2013, I’ve been working as a digital marketer & business analyst. Amazed by the nature of digital world itself, I decided to set up my own website in 2016, where my personal and work experience can be shared. I started my e-commerce business CHOU (chou-shop.com) together with a friend in June 2019.

If you’d like to give me some suggestions or ideas, please do leave me a message to wchengye@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to read it!