Last week I have been busy with the craft bags instead of writing and studying all day long. I didn’t feel quite tired after working from morning to the night. Maybe my procrastination let my time flee while I still had the impression that I spent loads of time working. Meanwhile, I lost my tracking on my time management, the work result therefore remains doubtful.

Trying to redressing my schedule, I reviewed my goals this morning and figured out that it’s still manageable if I keep doing a few things while starting to work more on my project! Sadly I have to cut the time primarily on learning Dutch from 6 hours a day to 2 hours. My Yoga routine takes 1.5 hours. while reading and writing take another 1.5 hours. Plus working for 8 hours a day. It means 13 hours managed, and it still sounds reasonable.

However, what I’m going to work still seems to be a myth to me. In any case, I want to continue on my side project CHOU and make it successful. If I need to make a living out of it, I have to be more creative, self-motivated and practise more to qualify my products. That’s said, I still need to fix the biggest problem of my future in Belgium. After a few month’s job application, I almost feel a waste of time applying for jobs. I still would try for the academic application for the University of Leuven though; maybe there’s still hope…

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