Yan Dang Mountain Planning

I had a very good moment of hiking the weekend at Hui Hang Gu Dao with Jessica and some guy friends. They are quite sportive and we had a long hike of 6h on Saturday and Laser Tags on Sunday. It was so good that we’ve decided to go another time before Javier’s leaving (so sad). I made this route plan and it looks like a tough one again!

Leaving on Friday night. 5 hours driving.

Plan 1:

Cover the highest summit of the mountains – about 1050m above  the sea altitude.The first 3h should be fairly easy, but no road for the last 1-1.5h. Either camp near the place to see sunrise or stay in a village on the way.


Plan 2:

Cover the main scenic sites and longer distance. Have some small summits.


Difference between plan 1 and plan 2



Voilà! Looking forward to this time despite some incidents. Live the life!

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