HTML & CSS ? Udacity VS HTML Dog

After reading an article about required skills for better controlling over a personal website, I decided to get some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, which sounds pretty geeky and for which I was a bit afraid of losing a lot of outdoorsy time. After all, the ocean of IT is monstrous ? It would be quite easy to get drowned fast probably! Despite the huge suspicion, I started to learn both Udacity and HTMLdog to explore as far as I can. It’s been 2 weeks now and I’ve been able to share some quick review of both platforms.

User friendliness:

  • Udacity ♥♥♥
  • HTML Dog ♥♥

Udacity is definitely more interactive according to its multi-media materials. The information about the course allows you to understand immediately where you are in the process, how many hours it takes for each section, it indicates that 6 hours each week is required and the whole course takes around 3 weeks. The video, quiz and answers enable the course to go through more fluently and at a quicker pace.  The hosts are friendly and the scenes are designed in a relaxing funny way.Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.02.42 pm


HTML dog has very focused and clean page, except for the ad banners…cannot complain too much as I get my monthly salary because of it…You would be familiar with the course structure in no time as it’s extremely simple and straight forward. However, it’s a bit easy to get bored because of the plain texts.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.11.46 pm



  • Udacity ♥♥
  • HTML Dog ♥♥♥

However, I find HTML dog more practical when it comes to following the course and doing some exercises. The explanations are much more detailed and step by step on HTML dog, while you’ll do need to do quite some researches following Udacity. It’s no bad for sure, but as an absolute beginner, you’ll need all information at a collective place so you can move on more independently later. Take an example, HTML dog explains why and how to apply CSS to HTML, which is a very basic and indispensable while it is jumped off by Udacity.


  • Udacity ♥♥
  • HTML Dog ♥♥♥

HTML dog takes time to cover all the details but it also gives a good pace in each episode. Not as long or redundant on each page, you would not spend more than 10 minutes to finish reading and the exercise on each page. Udacity’s pace is much faster, on the other hand, trying to give a lot of information within the given time. It requires much more extended reading, but also give tips and recommended website for reference, which is really helpful. Like dictionaries for language learning. This pace might be super good for other learners though, personally I prefer to go into more details at a slower pace with HTML dog.


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